​You’ve decided to sell your home and you’ve decided to market it using the services of an estate agent. The next questions, is which estate agent to use. There are a number of factors you need to consider. Some of them are black and white. Others are a little more subjective.


A typical high street agent will charge anything between 1% and 4% on the sale price of your property. So shopping around is incredibly important. Paying more than you need to in fees could cost you thousands of pounds. On an average property of £250,000 fees could be anywhere between £2500 and £10,000 depending on the %fee. So make sure you know the cost implications when deciding which agent to choose. 


When deciding which estate agent to use, the service you get is vital. Of course this can be difficult to assess when you are just putting your house on the market however there are things you can do to help you make the right decision. Visit their office to have a look at the properties they have on offer. This is a great opportunity to see how their staff handle potential customers. If possible, view a property through the agents you are considering. When all is said and done their job is to sell your house and viewing a property through them will give you all the information you need to know. You will see how they ‘sell’ the property. Perhaps more importantly you will be able to experience how they follow up potential buyers and how hard they work to sell the property to you. When deciding which estate agent to use check out basic information like opening hours and whether they handle viewings during evenings and weekends. You may need an agent who is available for you outside working hours depending on your personal circumstances. Also you do not want an agent who will turn away potential buyers because they want to view during the evening. If it is a local agent, word of mouth is a great way to assess service. You will know people who have bought and sold through the agents in your town so ask for feedback. Professional knowledge Be aware that estate agency requires no formal qualifications or experience. Ask prospective agents plenty of questions about the best way to sell your property. Also be prepared to question the value they put on it. They may be inflating the value with a view to gaining the listing and then persuading you into dropping the price at a later date. 

Gut feeling 

The way you feel with a particular agent is a good an indicator as any when you choose which agent to use. Selling your home could take a long time and you are trusting these individuals with an extremely important task. You must feel that you can build a relationship with them and, most importantly, trust them. Agents can say almost anything to persuade you to list with them so your gut feeling is something to take notice of. Selling privately When deciding which estate agent to use, you may feel that the services of a high street agent do not warrant the costs involved. As such, you may decide to sell privately. This may save you money. However you should be warned that ‘free ads’ type sites will not help you to reach the sheer number of buyers that need to view your home. Most people begin their search on sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla. To list a property on those sites you have to go through an estate agent. Using an online estate agent When deciding which agent to use you may want the extra advertising muscle and the professional services but you might not want to pay a fortune for the privilege. If this is the case, using an online estate agent is for you. 

Online estate agents provide the services of an estate agent but at a fraction of the cost. Your property will be listed on all the major web sites and they will photograph the property professionally as well as designing floor plans. You will also receive a for sale board for the property. It is likely that you will have to conduct the viewings yourself. No one knows your property better than you so this may be an ideal solution as it will be reflected in the cost. Zevizo Properties, the online estate agent, charges fees from as little as £445 plus VAT (up front) or 0.5% (on completion). This could save you thousands. As with any other estate agent, take the time to shop around and look for the deal that’s right for you. When deciding which estate agent to use there are any number of factors you should consider. If you want a professional service but want to pay an extremely low fee, choose an online estate agent like Zevizo Properties. So which estate agent to use? An online estate agent of course! Zevizo Properties is a national, online estate agent. We market properties on all the major property web sites and charge fees from as little as £445 plus VAT.