​Our customers come from all walks of life and all areas of the country but there are certain questions they always ask about an online estate agent. Here are our top 3.

1. How are your fees so cheap?

This is the most popular question asked by our customers. If you list your property with a high street agent you will be expected to pay anywhere between 1.5% and 3.5% of the sale price which could run into tens of thousands of pounds. Some of our customers have used online estate agents previously so understand the benefits. For many of our customers, listing a property with Zevizo is their first foray into the online estate agent market and they have been conditioned to believe that a house can only be sold for thousands of pounds in fees. Our business is run online, through email and via the telephone. As such we don’t have the large fixed costs of a traditional agent, such as high street premises etc. This allows us to sell your house from as little as £445 +VAT.

2. How quickly can my house be advertised?

Customers used to dealing with the high street tend to expect a rather lengthy process when listing a house. Valuations are conducted at the property, photographs and floor plans are taken, documents sent back and forth in the post or signed in person. As an online estate agent we can complete this process very quickly. There are only certain times of the day that properties can be uploaded onto the major property portals but, if you already have some good quality photographs, we can list your property within 48 hours. Contracts are sent, signed and received electronically as are identification documents etc. The process of getting your property listed with Zevizo the online estate agent is extremely quick.

3. How quickly can you sell my house?

As anyone in the property industry knows, this is a very difficult question to answer. It is in our interest to sell your property as quickly as possible as word of mouth is the best possible advertising. However sometimes properties can take a little while to sell. We will do everything we can to proactively market your property to make sure it is seen by the right prospective buyers. We will conduct a comprehensive valuation and have lengthy discussions with you to make sure the property is marketed at the right price. We will advertise the property on all the major property portals and our own web site. In addition we have a bank of prospective buyers already waiting for properties across the country. This approach will give you the best possible chance to sell your house quickly and at the right price. Our record thus far is placing a property under offer within 1 day of advertising.

Zevizo properties is an online estate agent. We can sell your property quickly from as little as £445 +VAT.