Choosing the right estate agent involves many things. Sellers choose on cost, reputation, range of services and local or national presence. However, when it comes down to it a major factor in choosing an agent is your relationship with the people you have chosen to sell your property. This comes down to one word: trust.

Selling your home is a major operation logistically, financially and emotionally. So you need to trust the individuals involved. Zevizo Properties was born out of frustration at the house selling process. We felt that high street estate agents simply did not deliver on their promises. Moreover they seemed to be charging an extortionate amount of money for what amounts to a straight forward process.

Our management team has made trust a core value of our company. We provide an open, upfront, transparent selling process where honesty and integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We provide this service at a fraction of the cost of traditional high street agents.

So who are the people at Zevizo Properties? We have a core management team of three with a range of experience from the world of property. This experience helps us to deliver the right service to our customers.

Nick Tamplin – Residential Property Manager

Nick is an experienced property professional with a background in property management and building services. He is a Product Design graduate of the University of Brighton and he uses these skills to great effect when managing the technical aspects of our operation. If you’ve visited the Zevizo Properties web site chances are you will have utilised facilities that have been designed and created by Nick. On a day to day basis Nick manages the process of listing, advertising and negotiating property sales. He also manages our relationships with suppliers such as rightmove. Nick is also in charge of making sure our business complies with all relevant Data Protection legislation.

Rhys Tollerfield – Sales / Lettings Property Manager

Rhys is experienced property professional with an extensive portfolio and a background in development and residential lettings. He has joined Zevizo from a successful business background. Rhys’ property development skills are a great source of advice for our expanding group of Landlords and this is used to good effect in providing outstanding service on the lettings side of our business. On a day to day basis Rhys is involved in managing the sales and lettings processes, dealing with external suppliers to ensure our internet based services are run successfully and managing the financial aspects of our business. Rhys also ensures that our business is compliant with all relevant money laundering and fraud legislation.

Andrew Griffiths – Sales and marketing Manager

Andrew is an experienced sales and marketing professional with a background in property sales. Andrew manages the business development process at Zevizo. This includes listing new properties and finding innovative ways to market existing properties to ensure they sell quickly and at the right price. Andrew also manages the social media side of our business including Facebook and twitter. He is a regular contributor and editor of the Zevizo Properties Blog. On a day to day basis Andrew helps prospective customers to find the right Zevizo package for them and helps them through the initial listing process. Andrew is a great source of advice on tips for getting your property ready for sale and how to get the best out of viewings.
In addition to our core management team we have a number of competent and professional individuals who work to provide excellent customer service and administrative support. As a small team we can really provide the personal service buyers require and anytime you call our office our management team is there to help.
Ask to speak to our management team. We are available at any time and will be glad to help you to sell your home quickly and at the lowest possible cost to you.

Trust Zevizo Properties.